Rodger Family Farm -- Shetlands and Fiber Mill
Who We Are
The Rodger Family Farm produces carded and packaged batts, and rovings from our NASSA registered Shetland sheep, registered to and raised by our daughter-shepherdess, Kyra Lynn Rodger (15).  As a family enterprise just outside of Philomath, Oregon, we handle our sheep partners at least twice daily – and hand roo them rather than shear when they release their coats in the early spring. Each has a name, a personality, a story. We are happy to tell their story and ours as we have come to care for these delightful animals.

We also provide milling services from wash/scour to top/sliver. We have over two years mill experience w ith alpaca, llama, qiviut, yak, angora and pygora goats, angora bunny -- and of course, a wide range of sheep's wool. See our "Processing" tab for details!

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What We Do
  1. Our Wool
    Our Wool
    We hand roo our Shetland sheep. No shears = no second cuts! Our fleeces have a 4 to 8" staple and weigh from 2 -4 lbs. Each Shetland fleece is unique to the animal that bears it, and may be unique to the year in which it is grown.
  2. Lambs
    Shetlands are prone to twins so -- DOUBLE THE CUTENESS!

2017 Mid-Summer Spin-in
Wren, Oregon

This year we took three 2017 lambs and set up pictures for a Match-the-ewes-and-rams to their lambs game. Donalee gave a tqlk on Shetland colors and markings, and we took in orders for milling. It was a beautiful and fun day! 

2017 Black Sheep Gathering
Eugene, Oregon

The Gathering was amazing -- especially since it also hosted the North American Shetland Sheep Association General Meeting!  We took our wool as cloud from the de-veg/de-hair separator and people loved being able to buy as little as a half ounce samplings of our 18 shades of Shetland's 11 main colors. In the wool barn, we also took in orders for washing, de-hairing, and carding of fibers from llama, alpaca, Corriadale, Wensleydale, and Shetland sheep. 

2017 Plateau Farmers' Fiber Festival
Buckley, Washinton.

We had a fabulous time at Buckley! We met our new fiber friends to the north and introduced many handspinners to the unbelievable softness of our Shetland wool. We also took in orders for washing, de-hairing, and carding alpaca, Finn sheep, and Gotlands. 

2017 Fiber Market Day - Prineville, OR

fThanks to the hospitality of the High Desert Wool Growers' Association, we had a lovely day in Prineville. The air was a bit cool, but the rains never came. We look forward to going to next year's event. For those who would like to save on shipping or travel to get their fiber processed, we will be accepting wool and other fibers at the event. Hoping to see you there!

2016 Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

We enjoyed the cool weather and good company at this year's OFFF. We were across from the sheep/goat barn and loved the sweet sounds of sheep and goats as they were lead to show.  A big thanks to everyone who came to our booth -- even just to chat and enjoy a day with fiber crafters!

2016 Midsummer Spin-in at Wren Comm Ctr.

We had a fine time at the Wren Midsummer Spin-in on July 23rd. We took Rosealee and her 4-day-old ewe lamb to the event just to show them off. The baby lamb was a big hit – drawing all ages over to her pen. Kyra often lifted out the 4.5lbs. lamb for photo ops and selfies. We held a ballot for people to name her, and the votes are counted: By an overwhelming majority, her name is to be Rosetta.  We send out a big thanks to all who cast their ballots!

2016 Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene

Kyra at the show!